Leg Waxing Houston

Leg waxing in Houston

Waxing your legs is a procedure that if done properly will result in creamy-smooth skin which can last for weeks. The art of leg waxing has been practiced in one form or another for centuries. Today it is best performed in a salon by a trained aesthetician.

Pre-waxing Steps
The best outcome requires a little preparation. First make sure your leg hair is long enough before you have it waxed. One-quarter of an inch is the perfect length so the wax can grip and hold it to pull it out; any longer and it could be uncomfortable.

It's also a good idea to exfoliate the skin several days prior to waxing. This makes removing the hair easier - and eliminating dead skin cells helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Waxing Men In Houston

Male waxing in Houston

You don't have to operate a waxing salon in Houston to know that male hair waxing has increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Just what's going on that so many men have decided to wax their "nether regions" aka the Brazilian wax which removes all pubic hair? We know the weather is hot in Houston and so are the men, though we suspect that "she" is likely hinting for her man to wax it smooth.

Perhaps he is just curious about how removing body hair feels, or maybe males are becoming more hygiene aware. Whatever his motivation, there is little doubt that more men are talking about waxing these days and seeking out a local aesthetician.