Leg Waxing Houston

Leg waxing in Houston

Waxing your legs is a procedure that if done properly will result in creamy-smooth skin which can last for weeks. The art of leg waxing has been practiced in one form or another for centuries. Today it is best performed in a salon by a trained aesthetician.

Pre-waxing Steps
The best outcome requires a little preparation. First make sure your leg hair is long enough before you have it waxed. One-quarter of an inch is the perfect length so the wax can grip and hold it to pull it out; any longer and it could be uncomfortable.

It's also a good idea to exfoliate the skin several days prior to waxing. This makes removing the hair easier - and eliminating dead skin cells helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Benefits of Leg Waxing
Aside from a little stinging and the time it takes the first time you wax, those who continue a regular schedule are rewarded with smoother skin (and for a much longer duration) compared with the time-consuming hassle of shaving. For many women, doing without cuts, nicks, razor burn and embarrassing stubble are more than sufficient benefits.
After Care
Once your leg waxing session is done, be sure to practice proper after-wax care. This is the easy part and it's important too. Clean the skin after its been waxed. Hair follicles are left exposed and you should use an antibacterial soap or cream to remove wax residues and prevent any bacteria from causing infections.

You'll also want to avoid direct sunlight and hot baths for a couple of days to prevent any undue irritation. If you experience some redness during the waxing or afterwards, we've found that an aloe gel works great to soothe and calm the skin.

Choose A Waxing Expert
Once you've decided to ditch shaving your legs and find a Houston waxing salon, you'll want to seek a licensed, competent professional. Waxing reviews by real customers (with real names) and a clean salon located in a nice building are good indications that you can trust your technician to provide you with a quality, satisfying service.
Houston Aesthetician Elaina Richardson offers complete waxing services from her Galleria area salon. Using a combination of her own techniques and a superior-quality, hard wax product, both men and women receive personalized attention and a measure of care rarely available elsewhere. Be sure to visit waxinghoustontx.com for more information and to request your appointment.