Waxing Men In Houston

Male waxing in Houston

You don't have to operate a waxing salon in Houston to know that male hair waxing has increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Just what's going on that so many men have decided to wax their "nether regions" aka the Brazilian wax which removes all pubic hair? We know the weather is hot in Houston and so are the men, though we suspect that "she" is likely hinting for her man to wax it smooth.

Perhaps he is just curious about how removing body hair feels, or maybe males are becoming more hygiene aware. Whatever his motivation, there is little doubt that more men are talking about waxing these days and seeking out a local aesthetician.

Avoid The Pain of Doing It Yourself
Most guys won't attempt waxing the genital area themselves, however, there are some men who might think those home-wax kits available at the drugstore could replace seeing a professional and avoid paying a fee. Don't go there; don't be cheap. Take it from a pro; besides the discomfort, there are any number of problems that can result from home waxing kits. Visit a qualified waxing salon instead.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
If you're like most men, you want to avoid any hassles, you want quality service, an experienced operator, assured privacy and you want to pay a fair price. At WaxWorks Skin Care in Houston, you get all this and more. We specialize in waxing both men and women and we understand and accommodate the needs of our individual clients.

Men trust and depend upon our services and continue to come back each month for their waxing sessions. We are conveniently located on Westheimer just a few blocks west of the Galleria shopping center. Give us a call today and ask about our special prices!

Houston Aesthetician Elaina Richardson offers complete waxing services from her Galleria area salon. Using a combination of her own techniques and a superior-quality, hard wax product, both men and women receive personalized attention and a measure of care rarely available elsewhere. Be sure to visit waxinghoustontx.com for more information and to request your appointment.