Back Waxing for Men

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Back waxing for men has become increasingly common these days. More and more guys are requesting hair removal services ...and waxing the back has become a priority at salons. Sometimes men just want the hair removed for themselves, or they want it done to please others.

Regardless of the reasons, men everywhere are electing to rid themselves of this sometimes unsightly and unwanted body hair.

Waxing vs Shaving
Waxing is preferred over shaving for a lot of reasons. Waxing removes hair by root extraction, so it lasts for longer periods, sometimes 4-5 weeks or more; just how long, depends upon the number of times you've been waxed and the frequency of appointments. Age and genetics are also additional factors that predetermine how long waxing lasts for the individual.

Shaving the back presents obvious problems. A man might have to shave his back every day, and unless you're a contortionist, it's likely you'll have difficulty reaching the middle of your back with a razor, which could also result in cuts - even if you're being careful. Thus, if you can manage to sit still for a few minutes each month, waxing can eliminate the hassle of shaving.

A salon professional will trim your hair a little before getting started and after your first few appointments, your hair may begin to grow out slower and even thinner. And because each subsequent visit could require less wax and supplies for maintenance, some salons might charge less for their services.

Always See A Professional Aesthetician
Don't attempt to let a friend or relative wax your back. While it could cost less for the supplies, there are reasons why you should seek a pro who performs waxing for a living.

An experienced and qualified aesthetician knows exactly how to remove the hair without injuring your skin. She will remove hair from the root - not just break the hair off at skin level. Pulling the entire root along with the hair will result in smooth, hairless skin for a much longer duration of time.

By going with a professional, you'll experience less irritation, redness and ingrown hair later on. Your aesthetician may also provide a gentle massage together with some after-wax calming lotion. She can give you advice too on how to care for your skin, to avoid direct sun and tanning booths for a couple days and how often you need to come in for your follow-up waxing schedule.
Houston Aesthetician Elaina Richardson offers complete waxing services from her Galleria area salon. Using a combination of her own techniques and a superior-quality, hard wax product, both men and women receive personalized attention and a measure of care rarely available elsewhere. Be sure to visit for more information and to request your appointment.