Affordable Body Waxing

Cheap body waxing

While many of the waxing salons here in Houston offer cheap prices, to compensate, they might use low-cost, poor-quality wax, double-dip or re-use their supplies on another customer. And to those who want to save money, affordable should not equate to receiving poor service either, yet very often it does.

At WaxWorks Skincare you are always assured of the highest-quality imported wax, brand new supplies, a squeaky-clean facility, affordable rates and most importantly, caring, attentive service by an experienced aesthetician who values your business and your desire for waxed perfection.

Whether you require a Brazilian wax, bikini, full body, legs, underarms, eyebrows, arms, or back hair removed, men and women alike will find the costs for our waxing services to be very competitive with other salons.

Give us a call today and discover for yourself how 'cheap' can now mean excellent service from one of the best waxing salons in our city.
Houston Aesthetician Elaina Richardson offers complete waxing services from her Galleria area salon. Using a combination of her own techniques and a superior-quality, hard wax product, both men and women receive personalized attention and a measure of care rarely available elsewhere. Be sure to visit for more information and to request your appointment.